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Privacy Policy

1. By and large 

This security strategy applies to 70percent online store. When you visit our site or buy products and enterprises from our stores, we process individual data about you as depicted underneath. In this association, we go about as information controller and you can coordinate request in regards to the preparing of your own information to us as depicted underneath or through "my page" at 

Ensuring your protection is imperative to 70percent. We just gather and utilize your own information inside the structure of the Danish Data Protection Legislation and the EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), which is joined into Danish law. When we use terms, for example, "individual information", "handling", "information controller" and "information processor", these terms have the importance given in the information security enactment. 

2. What data, for what reason and on what premise? 

Data about your buy: when you buy products or administrations on our site or from our very own or our individuals' stores, we process the individual data you give to us, for example, your name, your contact data (counting address, e - mail address and phone number), just as installment data. We gather and procedure this data so as to give products and enterprises to you, process return merchandise and deal with your record on our site (in the event that you have made a record). 

What's more, we utilize your own data to send you notification of when an item is available, to give protection administrations upon solicitation, to process your evaluation of our client administration, to inform you in the event that you have won an online challenge, that you have visited, or to get in touch with you if there are conveyance issues or issues with your request. We can likewise dissect buys inside various client gatherings. Specifically, we will process data about your evaluations of our items and administrations on the off chance that you take an interest in our consumer loyalty reviews; data about your character will be scrambled and won't be made open, and may be imparted to our information processors. 

When you visit one of our stores or an autonomous 70percent store, we might probably utilize camera reconnaissance as an insurance. 

The data is handled somewhat in light of the fact that it is important to satisfy a concurrence with you and mostly on the grounds that it is important to seek after our authentic enthusiasm for speaking with you in a viable manner and accordingly to give the largest amount of administration to our clients . 

In spite of the fact that we don't put together this preparing with respect to your assent, you may get in touch with us whenever on the off chance that you have any inquiries and solicitation that we stop our handling of your own data. See increasingly about this beneath. 

Site traffic and investigation - treats : 70percent gathers and dissects data about use, traffic and action on 70percent's site. It incorporates your IP address, program type (chrome, web traveler, and so forth.), working framework (windows, and so forth.), connection with creatives, (for example, snaps or queries), and pages visited. This is done using treats, and we can utilize treats to give you customized suggestions on items and administrations. By utilizing our site, you acknowledge the utilization of treats, as expressed in our treat strategy . This includes the handling of individual information, which depends on your assent, which can be repudiated whenever. You can peruse progressively about the utilization of treats, how to repudiate your agree and how to change your settings in our cookie strategy and on the page 

Direct promoting dependent on your assent: on the off chance that you have given your assent, we may utilize your email address and phone number to send you pamphlets and advertising material custom-made to you. Consequently, we can focus on our ideas to you dependent on the data we have, including data about your past buys just as statistic data, for example, sexual orientation, date of birth and address (profiling). You may deny your assent whenever and item to such profiling by means of "my page" by reaching us as set out underneath or by withdrawing from the pamphlet you get from us. For additional data please observe this page . 

3. Who we share your data with 

We may impart your data to our accomplices and other gathering organizations, for example, the autonomous 70percent stores, our co-ordinations accomplices, who convey your merchandise to your home, fix suppliers, IT arrangements suppliers, examination and promoting administrations suppliers, review firms, installment specialist co-ops, or individual 70percent stores where you can get your products. 

What's more, we don't impart your own data to outsiders except if legally necessary or except if we have your express assent. 

4. Move of your data 

We store your own data on servers that are safely situated inside the EU/EEA. Since we esteem information insurance without question, we don't move your own information to nations outside the EU/EEA and every one of our information processors are liable to severe privacy commitments in regards to your own information. Notwithstanding, in specific conditions, your own information may should be moved to non-EU/EEA nations , and assuming this is the case, we will guarantee that the information move is liable to the required safety efforts; for instance, standard contracts received by the European Commission or the EU-US Privacy Shield. You may demand a duplicate of any such safety efforts by reaching us as depicted underneath. 

5. Capacity and cancellation 

70percent erases your own information when all reasons for that specific handling of individual information have been satisfied and when erasure is allowed under pertinent law. 

For instance, we erase data about your profile on "my page" when a record is erased, while the record contact data and receipt data is kept for a long time so we can deal with future request and conform to appropriate bookkeeping laws. We will erase or anonymize data about your bought things following five years from the date of procurement, except if you have pursued "my site" and have put away your buy history there. The reconnaissance films from the camera observation are erased as per the administrative prerequisites for their capacity and are liable to exacting security systems. 

You can demand access to or erasure of your own data through our site or by reaching us as depicted beneath. 

In the event that you need to erase, change, move, limit or send us the individual information we store about you, you can demand this on this page . 

6. Your rights 

You have the right, upon solicitation, to access the individual information we hold or generally process about you. You likewise reserve the privilege to address any erroneous individual information and in specific conditions you reserve the option to limit our handling of your own information or expect us to erase your own information. You may disavow your assent whenever, which structures the reason for the handling of your own information (as portrayed above), without bias to the legitimateness of the preparing which depended on agree preceding the withdrawal thereof. 

You reserve the privilege to item to the preparing of your own information and under the EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR) you can demand that your own information be gotten in an organized and normally utilized configuration with the goal that the individual information can be effectively moved to you or another information controller picked by you (this is classified "information convenience"). 

On the off chance that you wish to grumble about our preparing of your own information, you are urged to get in touch with us. Any request in such manner ought to be submitted as set out above in this Privacy Policy. We likewise educate you that under the enactment you are qualified for record a grievance with the Data Inspectorate. 

7. Updates and changes to our Privacy Policy 

This Privacy Policy will be refreshed on a progressing premise. When we post changes to the Privacy Policy, we will determine the date on which the Privacy Policy was last refreshed. In the event that any critical changes are made to this arrangement or to how we utilize your own data, we will roll out unmistakable such improvements or advise you straightforwardly. 

8. Solicitation for individual data and contact data 

In the event that you need to erase, change, move, limit or send us the individual information we store about you, you can demand this on this page . 

In the event that you have any inquiries regarding this protection strategy or security on our sites, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us here: [email protected]

9. Refreshing and changing your contact data 

On the off chance that you need to refresh or change your contact data, for example, name, email, phone number, address, and so on. Do that on your profile page when you login.

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